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Maintenance Method of Graphite Electric Heating Plate

An electric heating plate is a device that uses electrically heated alloy wire as the heating material, mica soft plate as the insulating material, and metal thin plate as the outer cover for heating. Graphite electric heating plate is an improved heating device based on the original stainless steel electric heating plate. It is applied to scientific research institutions such as agricultural product testing, soil testing, environmental protection, hydrological testing, etc. It is an assistant for sample heating, digestion, boiling, acid distillation, and constant temperature treatment. It can meet the heating requirements of various biochemical experimental samples. Let's take a brief look at the relevant knowledge of graphite electric heating plates.

Features of graphite electric heating plate:

1. The heating area can be customized according to user needs, and multiple samples can be processed simultaneously, with uniform temperature at each heating point.

2. Fast heating speed, large LCD display, PID temperature control.

3. The table top is made of graphite material, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, and the shell is made of stainless steel.

4. The interior of the graphite electric heating plate is insulated with aluminum silicate plate, and the heating tube is installed in a straight plug manner to improve heating efficiency.

5. With a heat dissipation system, it is easy to operate and * * durable.

Precautions for installation and use of graphite electric heating plate:

It should be used at a calibrated voltage.

2. The heating body should be placed dry to avoid immersion in water affecting its thermal insulation performance.

3. The contact surface for installing the graphite heating plate should be flat and free of unevenness.

4. After installation, check whether the hexagonal socket bolts, terminal bolts, and terminal bolts are locked tightly to prevent thermal expansion and contraction from affecting the life of the graphite electric heating plate.

5. When installing a graphite electric heating plate, check whether the installation position is consistent with the specifications of the heating element and the working voltage is consistent.

Maintenance of graphite electric heating plate:

1. When cleaning the machine, it is prohibited to handle hard objects to avoid damaging the surface of the machine.

2. If there are any abnormalities, they should be immediately requested from the manufacturer. Unauthorized handling and use of equipment accessories not recommended by the manufacturer can cause certain quality accidents.

3. Before restarting the machine after not using the graphite heating plate for a long time, check whether various functions are normal, and then conduct a test to prevent data deviation.

4. Correct use and attention to the maintenance of graphite electric heating plates can prolong the service life of the instrument by keeping the graphite electric heating plates in good working condition.

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