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Mold incubator manufacturer: Mold incubator is a test equipment suitable for cultivating eukaryotic microorganisms such as molds

Mold incubator is a test equipment suitable for cultivating eukaryotic microorganisms such as molds. Because most molds are suitable for growth at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius) and require a certain humidity to be maintained when cultured on a solid substrate, a typical mold incubator consists of a refrigeration system, a heating system, an air humidifier, a culture room, a control circuit, and an operation panel, Temperature and humidity sensors are used to maintain the stability of the temperature and humidity in the incubation chamber. Some special mold incubators can also set the temperature and humidity to vary with the incubation time.  

Structural characteristics of mold incubator:

1. The box and working chamber are designed with circular arc structure

2. The workroom is made of mirror faced stainless steel plates, with shelves that can be adjusted in height and assembled freely for easy cleaning in the workroom.  

3. The working room is equipped with a power socket and a sterilization lamp to facilitate sterilization in the working room.  

4. The working chamber is equipped with a fan to form forced convection.  

5. The surface of the outer box is sprayed with plastic, making the overall appearance beautiful, generous, and reasonable, and convenient for use and maintenance.  

6. The outer door is sealed with a magnetic door, which has good sealing performance and is convenient to close. The outer door is opened with an observation window, allowing direct observation of the culture in the work room.  

7. The mold incubator has a cold and hot automatic control function.  

8. The compressor adopts fluorine-free environmental friendly refrigerant, with high efficiency and low energy consumption.

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