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Precautions for Intelligent Biochemical Incubator: Enjoy a lifetime of benefits!

Waterproof connectors are applied in various fields, especially in the industrial field. In order to meet the use standards in a variety of environments, in addition to the performance requirements of waterproof connectors, it is also extremely important to pay attention to the problems when using waterproof connectors. The following shallow view connector manufacturers mainly explain the six key points of use and prevention of waterproof connectors.
1 When using waterproof connectors, avoid violent "hitting" or falling, so as to avoid damaging the internal structure and affecting the sealing performance.
2 Pay attention to dust prevention when the waterproof connector is in the separated state. If it is used for a long time, put a fuse between the plug and socket.
3 Note that if the waterproof connector uses threaded connection to fix the positioning harness, anti loose equipment should also be used.
4 When using the waterproof connector, the problems of loose tail accessories and stress damage of cable cores should be avoided to avoid affecting the performance.
5 The silk cloth used to clean the waterproof connector is best dipped in anhydrous ethyl alcohol and can be used again after ten days of drying, but some chemicals, such as acetone, cannot be used.
6 If the connected waterproof connector plug and socket are without positioning shell, in order to ensure that the fixed plug and socket can be aligned, the plug and socket should be fixed in a difficult to close state.
The structure of the intelligent biochemical incubator adopts a stainless steel liner, hollow glass, and thermal insulation material is polyurethane foam. It has good thermal insulation, light weight, and overall appearance. The control system adopts microcomputer control and digital display, which is accurate and intuitive, with high accuracy, convenient and reliable temperature adjustment, and convenient observation with light intensity. Precautions for intelligent biochemical incubator:

1. The intelligent biochemical incubator should be installed in places with small temperature and humidity changes as much as possible, using a three-pin plug. Sockets should be properly grounded.  

2. Before starting the intelligent biochemical incubator, it is necessary to fully understand and understand the instructions of the supporting instruments and meters for each component, and master the correct method of use.  

3. Do not contain volatile chemical solvents? Explosive gas and combustible gas shall be placed in the incubator, and combustible sprays shall not be used near the incubator. Avoid ignition by electric sparks.  

4. Frequently check the air circuit for air leakage.  

5. The intelligent biochemical incubator has a power-off protection function, so it takes about a minute and a half to restart the compressor after it is shut down, thereby better protecting the compressor.  

6. The distance between the condenser and the wall of the intelligent biochemical incubator should be greater than 100mm, there should be a 50mm gap on the side of the box, and there should be at least 300mm space on the top of the box to ensure good heat dissipation.  

7. The intelligent biochemical incubator should avoid collision, shaking, and vibration during handling, repair, and maintenance. The large inclination should be less than 45 degrees.  

8. Turn off the main power supply and the power switch at the rear of the device when it is stopped for a long time. At the same time, when working in the biochemical incubator, it is necessary to avoid frequent opening of doors to maintain a stable temperature and prevent dust and dirt from entering the studio.  

9. The inside and outside of the box should be kept clean every day, and should be cleaned after each use. If it is not used for a long time, it is necessary to frequently wipe the container wall and equipment surface to maintain cleanliness and increase the transparency of the glass. Do not wipe the outer surface with acid, alkali, or other corrosive solutions.  

10. After incubation, turn off the power switch. If the experimental sample is not taken out immediately, do not open the door of the box.  

11. The intelligent biochemical incubator should not be used in abnormal environments such as high voltage, high current, and strong magnetic fields. It should be strictly implemented in accordance with the electrical safety operation rules.

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