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Usage of biochemical incubator
1. Do not put flammable and volatile chemicals into the box. If there are abnormalities, odors, smoke, etc. during use, please immediately turn off the power supply. Users should not blindly repair...
Maintenance Method of Graphite Electric Heating Pl
An electric heating plate is a device that uses electrically heated alloy wire as the heating material, mica soft plate as the insulating material, and metal thin plate as the outer cover for heating....
Mold incubator manufacturer: Mold incubator is a t
Mold incubator is a test equipment suitable for cultivating eukaryotic microorganisms such as molds. Because most molds are suitable for growth at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius) and require a c...
Precautions for Intelligent Biochemical Incubator:
Waterproof connectors are applied in various fields, especially in the industrial field. In order to meet the use standards in a variety of environments, in addition to the performance requirements of...
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