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The products are widely used in various laboratories of scientific research institutions such as environmental testing, health and epidemic prevention, medical treatment, biochemistry, chemical engineering, and universities. Our company adheres to the spirit of pioneering, striving for excellence, people-oriented, customer first philosophy, with excellent quality, good reputation, and perfect after-sales service to serve you wholeheartedly.
Usage of biochemical incubator
1. Do not put flammable and volatile chemicals into the box. If there...
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Maintenance Method of Graphite Elect”­
An electric heating plate is a device that uses electrically heated allo...
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Mold incubator manufacturer: Mold in”­
Mold incubator is a test equipment suitable for cultivating eukaryotic m...
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Precautions for Intelligent Biochemi”­
Waterproof connectors are applied in various fields, especially in the i...
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